Monday, 1 June 2009

My First Radish!!

Well here he is my first radish and we called him Rodney Radish!
We are not mad, just a little family fun!
We picked a few yesterday and they were delicious, much better than shop bought ones.

Me and Rodney Radish :-).



  1. Hello Julie, wow what a great looking radish, was it good. I do not know whereu get the time for all your different hobbies. sounds like you beeen super busy with your classes which is great, I am so happy for you. Tkae care my dear friend. Hugs di

  2. hi julie.
    Ohh wooow theres nothing like growing your own is there.The excitment of seeing the seeds first start to sprout planting andwatching them grow and then the rewards.
    we used to have our own alloitment gave it up as the older grower never gave me 5 mins peace to grow anything love advice i much appriciate it but was watching the weeds grow daily strangling my plants.
    I so envioy you .

  3. Hello Julie

    Thank you so much for taking the time to browse my blog and leave a comment, I really appreciate this.

    Wow, your first radish, many congratulations.