Monday, 25 May 2009

My Garden

I thought I would start off my new blog by showing you my garden in progress.
Our back garden has never been much of a garden with vegetables and flowers.
Having four children who liked to play football, you can just imagine what it did to
the garden. Our garden is only small.
It was just impossible to have any flowers
But I will say that the rhubarb has survived everything.
Now our eldest three children who are adults and Jake who is twelve no longer play football
in the garden.
So we decided to try our hand at growing some vegetables but first we needed to make
a few raised beds.

The above pictures show Kevin making the raised beds 10th May 2009

First bed finished around the rhubarb 11th May 2009.

Strawberry bed built 11th May 2009

11th May 2009 good job I had bought this cloche from Poundland with all the rain.
along with the rhubarb I have radish & butternut squash in this bed.

I will show the next stage tomorrow!


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  1. Hi HUn...WOW you have been busy...great pic's of your new veggie patch...and i cant wait for the next stage hugs clarexx